Saturday, September 18, 2010

So was Underdog at the first Thanksgiving?

They said on the news this was the last weekend of summer, which is a prompt for Mother Nature to dump a record amount of rain in as short a period of time as possible in Oregon. Funny thing is, the temp hasn't gone down that much, so we have this nasty, sloppy, FAT rain all day long, but it's still hovering around 70 degrees. Sheesh, make up your mind - the best way to protect yourself is to dress in shorts or capris, slip a pair of rubbers (haha, GRAMMA rubbers!) over your flip flops and carry a golf umbrella. Sure you look stupid, but you won't be melting from the humidity and sweating through your Secret, right?

I wore a sweater to church tonight and thought I was going to pass out it was so warm...but I didn't want to take it off for fear my shirt would stick to it and I would end up with it stuck on my head with my black bra out there for everyone to see since we sit up front in "no one wants to get that close to God-ville" If they only knew I do it so I don't look at all the people in front of me and imagine what kinds of un-Christian things they've been up to...that and if they have a hairbrush or know that their shirt tags are hanging out for everyone to see they wear a size XL Old Navy 100% cotton machine wash cold tumble dry low iron as needed hoodie. Or that their cute little girl in the Hello Kitty dress picks her nose and wipes the boogers on the back of her brother's shirt.

But yeah, Thanksgiving is coming...maybe not next weekend, but soon, and to a family near you. So what do you want to hear about that? Hilarious stories of past Thanksgivings? Special dishes made with love that went oh-so-wrong? Maybe some family traditions so you can see that we are just a different kind of weird and that most people don't resemble the fakey Thanksgiving feasts they show you on TV and in movies? Or maybe you're a Jehovah's Witness and don't want to hear anything about it - I'm open to anything, just let me know! (OK, I lied...if you're a JW, I will make sure the Title is Thanksgiving-ey so you don't have to sin by accidentally reading it, but I'm still gonna write about it). Wait, I think that's just Christmas and Easter and birthdays...sorry if I am ignorant, but when you're raised by far, FAR right Catholics, you really aren't encouraged to research other religions, otherwise you might be tempted by churches with cushions on the pews and no kneelers, the absence of confessionals and a laid back attitude about making it to church EVERY Sunday (or whatever your holy day of the week is) without bursting into flame.

If you think back to my first post, it might give you a hint on one specialty - I am almost ALWAYS in charge of pies. And someone who shall remain nameless (Shannon), commented this week that some pie "fact" was from Marie Callendar, who knows EVERYTHING about pies....well my response to that is she might know everything about pies (NOT), but she sure didn't pass that along to those who make 'em for her. She sold her not very good pies are made by machines and put in boxes and sold in supermarket freezers, not in a cozy, warm and floury kitchen with a fancy wooden rolling pin with ball bearings from Williams Sonoma and the thump of bass from the stereo playing classic rock in the next room.

So let me know if there's anything you want to hear about - I have personally attended at least 49 Thanksgivings, and can dish a LOT of dirt....let the stuffing fly, and the pumpkin pie hit the fan!

Momma Moose

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  1. Did you get to sit at the grownup table at the first Thanksgiving, or were you too little?

    Heee hee hee heeee

    I'll be honest, when I remember Thanksgiving I think of having to get up at the buttcrack of dawn because that's when the turkey was going in the oven, and we had to clean the house AND prep all the food before an early early dinner.

    I also remember that the smell of cooking turkey was gross to me. I can't remember if it still is, but it was true for at least a quarter-century!

    My favorite things about the entire holiday: brussels sprouts, turkey sandwiches with mayo on mom's homemade dinner rolls, pumpkin and apple-cranberry pies, cauliflower dripping with butter and crumbs, and that terrible-for-you cranberry jello mold. Oh and I guess that getting-together-with-family thing. I liked that too.