Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Poulet: Round Deux

I was in a hurry this morning. A big FAT hurry. I stayed up too late, then everytime the alarm went off I slapped the snooze bar and went back to sleep like the dead for 9 minutes. 5 times. Doh. Finally got up, fixed my hair, got my clothes..dammit. Big stain that went unnoticed on my top, had to go find another one. Socks? SOCKS? How is it possible I can't find socks when the last time I bought some I got a dozen pair? That with what I had before should have resulted in socks coming out of my arse, but no....finally found #2 in the bottom of the basket and completed my look that will never appear in Vogue - not even as a "before" picture.

Instead of leisurely enjoying my husband-made veggie sausage and english muffin with coffee, I wolfed it down and commenced to making my lunch so I could fly out the door and be late for work anyway - my speedometer goes up to 160 I think, but I've already been enlightened by my spouse that a ticket for going over 100 mph is 2 grand, and I think they take away your license for a while. And I love my car. No, trying to eat better takes longer than heading to the car with nothing but my purse and the fall back of at least 20 restaurant/fast food joints that I am sick of within 2 miles of my work - leftovers from the night before make it painless, but when there's nothing left over you gotta work at it. But I had chicken...remember the Costco chicken? That and some of the other things I bought culminated in a beautiful and healthy lunch - and saved me 7 bucks and another stained shirt in the process! Yay Costco....

Meal #3

Garden Chicken Sandwich

2-3 oz. roasted chicken breast, sliced
1 slice Tillamook swiss cheese, cut in half
1 small carrot, shredded
1 mushroom, thinly sliced
1 small handful baby spinach
2 thin slices multi-grain artisan bread
Artichoke-Pesto spread (see below)

Spread a tablespoon or so of artichoke pesto spread on each slice of bread, layer chicken, cheese, carrot and spinach on one piece and put the other on top. Cut in half. Eat, perhaps with a nice apple and copious amounts of water - I'm telling you, spinach and water is a colon's best friend - BOOYAH!

Artichoke-Pesto spread

1/2 C. mayonnaise
3 T. pesto
1/2 C. artichoke tapenade (they used to have it at Costco, I found it at Grocery Outlet - if you can't find it, you could use marinated or plain artichoke hearts and just chop them coarsely)

Mix together and keep refrigerated. This stuff is perilously close to artichoke dip, but with a basil kick from the pesto - I think you could easily use it for a veggie dip, or with crackers, or perhaps to use as mortar with french bread slices to build an igloo that you could then eat your way out of. But that would be wrong. So if you do anyway, say an Act of Contrition and get thyself to a confessional as soon as you can move again.

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