Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chicken Roulette

Tonight I went to Costco after work, mostly to pick up a few items I need to add fiber to my diet (don't ask), but also to grab something quick for dinner. I was a machine - steeling myself to concentrate on the task at hand, striding purposefully past desserts that would put me in a sugar coma, meats and deli options that packed a butt-load (literally) of saturated fat, the chips, cookies and candies that were just empty calories screaming my name.

I was so proud of myself for walking away with only two somewhat regrettable choices - butter and prime sirloin steak. I don't think I can ever go without butter, I just need to learn how to use it for good vs. evil - a small amount to keep fish from sticking to the pan, to add color and flavor to a simple bechamel (white sauce or roux), to help emulsify pan juices from chicken, wine and vegetables into a silky sauce that will pack a punch when drizzled over garlic roasted mashed potatoes made with yogurt instead of sour cream. We will not mention cookies, pound cake or any kind of icing. But I am thinking about them. And you need a little red meat once in a while - I believe a small portion once a week should satisfy my inner carnivore and keep me from going completely pasty like my Polish foremothers.

So I ended up with 2 roasted chickens, 1 big tub of baby spinach, two loaves of multigrain artisan bread, a bag of whole wheat tortillas, a huge bag of baby red spuds, veggie sausage patties and a 6 pack of frozen OJ. My gut doctor shook his finger at me when I told him I had sausage for breakfast - I had to shake my head when he asked "Low fat? Vegetarian? Turkey?" - he's a nice guy, but a sausage nazi apparently. My daughter made me try veggie sausage and I found it surprisingly un-nauseating...I have a secret plan to make gravy with it, just can't yet decide what I'll be ladling it over that's whole grain and low fat.

So my evil plan begins....see how many interesting and delicious meals I can whip up with this bulk bounty...using as little fat, sugar and processed crap as possible. And this ain't gonna be that weirdo lady on Create who's head is a little too big, wears tons of makeup and dresses like a Tyra Banks reject, and that I suspect keeps her size minus 3 figure by talking to Ralph on the Big White Telephone. Nope, just good food that's a skosh better for you than the usual. Now I just hope our son doesn't figure out the combination to the fridge....

Meal #1:

My Big not-so-fat Greek wraps

1-1/2 chicken breasts, cut into slices or chunks (from roasted chicken)
2 -3 oz. feta cheese, crumbled
1 cucumber, peeled, quartered and sliced
1/4 cup kalamata olives, chopped coarsley (optional)
1 tomato (more if you like), cut in half and sliced thin
Baby Spinach....I dunno, a couple big handfuls or so?

1/2 C. Best Foods mayo (another thing I will just have to limit...)
3 T. pesto

4 Whole wheat tortillas

Mix mayo and pesto together; warm tortillas in microwave, about 15 seconds for one, 20 for two. Put a tablespoon or so of pesto mayo on tortilla, spread out but not too close to the edges. Put 1/4 of the chicken breast down the center of each tortilla, then 1/4 feta, cucumber, olives, tomato and then a heap of spinach on each. Roll tightly and secure with a toothpick. That's it - serve it with chips, or maybe some fruit or veggies....I won't judge.

Meal #2

Salad of the Greek Gods (I made one for me because I was kinda full after deconstructing the chickens...)

Fresh baby spinach, a couple handfuls (I like to use a pasta bowl)
1/2 roasted chicken breast, cut in chunks
2 T. crumbled feta cheese
Cucumber slices as above
Kalamata olives, chopped coarsely (optional)
Tomato slices or chunks

Pesto mayonnaise (as above)
1 T. buttermilk, or as much as you need to make your preferred dressing consistency

Assemble salad as listed, drizzle with dressing and serve with whole grain wheat bread with a LITTLE butter.

So yeah, it feels like a cheat - but anything that makes my colon happy will make me happy....and I think spinach might do the trick. Now let's see what I can come up with tomorrow - I have 10 lbs of baby reds that are all eyeballin' me....

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  1. Now you have me craving olives.

    It's kinda funny you should mention dietary changes the day after I started reading a book about managing insulin resistance. xP I have to come up with better ways of doubling my protein without adding any fat and it makes me go BLAH.

    But hey. At least your salad sounds good! Where's mine?