Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Closet romantic alert...

I was reading a post from Pioneer Woman (she is my personal hero), and she gave up some tips on blog writing that I thought were valid points and worthy of examination. I was surprised at how many of her suggestions I already do - but then since I admire her personal flair, it stands to reason I would try to emulate it, right? The point is that she said we should try to blog daily, to put a piece of yourself out there regularly, and to branch out and try new things - and I'm pretty sure she didn't mean just different kinds of the same thing - Moroccan cuisine, cooking outdoors or even advanced deep-frying all sound good, but if I try to blog a new recipe every day I'll get bored and run out of stuff toot sweet. So there you go - if you start seeing non-food weirdness on here, settle down and don't get your panties in a will always be the main attraction, but I got more side shows than a traveling circus baby, so be prepared.

My son's BFFs were married yesterday in a lovely ceremony in a botanical garden, and although I could have stayed in the kitchen and gotten the food ready for the instant the ceremony was over, I instead elected to grab my sweetie, then take him out (haha, didja get that?) to watch a truly unique and beautiful wedding. My son was the best man, the bride's sister the maid of honor, another friend was the minister, yet another made all the beer and wine for the event. Other friends made the cake, did the flowers, took the pictures, and everyone contributed to the potluck wedding feast - it was an amazing outpouring of love for their special day.

The ceremony took place outdoors, and no surprise, after the long run of beautiful weather, Oregon "sunshine" prevailed....but as luck and probably worries that some of us old folks might melt in it, the mother of the groom had a large canopy put up to keep the guests dry. Which we fully appreciated, and used to great advantage, but that did not detract from the actual ceremony itself, in which the bride, groom, attendants and minister enacted under a beautiful arbor in a very slight drizzle. The minister lit incense, then announced that a "ring warming" ceremony would commence - the rings were passed from guest to guest, allowing them to channel their wishes, love and good thoughts to the couple through them, and he continued the ceremony while we did so.

The bride and groom wrote their own vows; heartfelt, honest and bringing many to tears with it's thoughtfulness and conviction - I believe with every ounce of my being that they truly are kindred spirits, and will always be together. Then the gift of the rings, the "I do's" and a kiss, and they were off down the aisle and through the gardens, guests waving bamboo sticks with ribbons attached in what was perhaps the sweetest send-off I've ever seen. Traditional? No. Romantic and inspired? Absolutely.

The photographer was mostly unobtrusive, and I wonder if I am going to be featured in the wedding album rubbing the very hairy leg of the brewmeister (he rolled up his pants because the hems were wet, then proceeded to show off his "wolfman genes" and asked if anyone wanted to touch it. Of course I did..wouldn't you?); or perhaps "delicately schvitzing" (translation: sweating like a hog) in the kitchen of the sauna that house was last night. And I kind of hope that I am - real memories should be natural and not staged or made-up is life and those are the moments that stick with us.

My only regrets were not participating in the "photo booth"....I LOVED that idea, and I think a lot of fun was had with it. The photographer set up a camera and a backdrop, and they brought a large collection of props, hats, fake beards etc, and invited all to go have fun with it - we forgot until we were leaving, and when I say "we" I mean ME....I most likely would have needed a tranquilizer dart to get Walt in there - he reserves most of his silliness just for me. I like to crack it out regularly, makes me feel less old.

The other regret? Not snagging a huge piece of cake to take home - I would not have put it under my pillow because I already have my own soulmate, and he would have undoubtedly waited for me to fall asleep and eaten it get to know someone after 31 years together. No, I would have eaten it myself, and thought about the love that went into it, and what a wonderful day that inspired it....then I would have licked the chai buttercream (O..M..G..) off my fingers and said thank you to God for cake, and weddings, and love, and for making my kids so special that they attract other equally special people that want to share their lives with us. Burp. I mean AMEN!

And CONGRATULATIONS Joey and Kira, it really was the best day so far!


  1. I saw some of the pictures on FB. It looked awesome and I hope that more pics go up so I can see!

    PS, if there is a picture of you petting a dude's leg, I am going to get a copy and make sure it goes on your retirement cake.