Friday, July 2, 2010

"You know what would make this better?"

The old man and I both had the day off, so we went shopping....apparently so did everyone else in Washington County and beyond. It started out fun - we checked out the new Goodwill Superstore in Beaverton (very nice, prices seem a bit higher but the store is beautiful), then went out for lunch at Stir Crazy and had some Kung Pao, Walnut Shrimp and Pad Thai, then the shite-fest commenced.

Apparently a train decided to have problems right in the middle of Hillsboro, so our plans to go home that way were stymied - it took us at least a half hour just to get out of town because they had also taped off 1st street in front of the Courthouse. We then decided to go to the Winco on Cornelius Pass, but found that what we always thought was a ridiculously oversized parking lot was FULL...Walt began some creative cussing, then decided we could get what we needed at Freddy's by Sunset. Not much better - remodel in full swing, they move stuff around inside every night to get us used to change, and it was FULL of annoying customers (not us) - I was worried I was going to have to perform the "Spock Hold" on Wally to keep him from driving up the ramp to the pharmacy trailer and start demanding drugs. But we made it - it was dicey at best, but we're home safe and sound and I'm ready to start cooking for the 4th!

We're gonna BBQ on the 3rd due to work schedules, and are doing St. Lois style ribs on the barbie, red potato salad and Corn Thang, and my favorite coleslaw which is supposedly a highjacked version of KFC's. I do not believe it because this is WAY better and creamier than theirs, it's just sort of that STYLE of coleslaw. And I like to serve it immediately so it still has some soggy coleslaw for me!

Momma Moose's Coleslaw

1 small head green cabbage
1/2 C. shredded carrot
2 T. finely diced onion (I use a little onion salt - Walt doesn't like raw onion)
1/2 C. sugar
1 tsp. salt
1/2 C. mayonnaise
1/2 C. sour cream
3 T. seasoned rice vinegar (did you know that seasoned has sugar in it?)
2 T. vegetable oil
Fresh ground pepper if you want

Cut cabbage in half, cut core out and take off outer gross leaves; rinse and slice in 1/4" slices. Turn slices sideways and cut across so you have 1/4" squares - chop it like KFC does, dang it! Put in large bowl with carrots and onion if you're using it, then add mayo and sour cream and make a little well in it, add oil, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper to help dissolve the sugar, then mix well until combined. As always, adjust to your liking - more mayo if it seems dry, sugar or vinegar if too sweet/sour, salt and/or get my drift.

This is excellent on pulled pork sandwiches or in a wrap with steamed rice, grilled or teriyaki chicken OR bbq pork. And Walt always says "You know what would make this better?" we all know the answer...."Sweet Baby Ray's!", so get you some and give it a try!

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