Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey you! Yeah, you....sittin' there readin' blogs and stuff - you got any requests? Not like "I wish this chick would just shut up and go away, she's no Pioneer Woman", or "Does she make ANYTHING that's remotely healthy and won't clog your arteries and raise your bad cholesterol just reading the recipe?" More like "I wondered if you had a good recipe for _____", or "I need something new to take to _________ for a _________ party".

Send me a message via "comment" if you have suggestions, requests, or even constructive criticism...I can take it. And I have tons of ideas, I'm just wondering if anyone was looking for something specific. If not, the next one will be Moose's Favorite Burrito Salad. You've been warned.....


  1. Yes lady, I think you should post that Hot& Sour Soup recipe because it's tasty. Or you can post something good to make with ripe bananas, because I have some. OR you can post your clam chowder. Or chicken pot pie (I will be a rebel and make it without chicken, mwahaha).

    or how about them delicious oatmeal cookies I used to make?

  2. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BURRITO SALAD. That stuff is the bomb-diggity and I would eat it every single day if I bought a lot of frozen burritos and lettuce <_<

  3. Shari- since anytime I ask Tyler what he would like me to make him for dinner and 9 times out of 10 his answer is enchiladas, it would be great to have a NEW and improved one instead of always having to fall back on the one I always make which to be quite honest is kinda boring. Though it's not like he can complain, as I am the one in the kitchen;).

    This is the first night that I have checked out your blog and I must say I am really enjoying it. I'm laughing a lot! Im adding it to my regulars:). Thanks for the great tips!