Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm cookin' baby....just not food.

*WARNING - I am about to bare my soul.....*
I was thinking in church last night (I quickly thanked God so it counted as a prayer and I don't get dinged for not paying attention) about what it is that's motivating me to lose weight and stick to the WW program, and realized that God is playing a big part in this. Father Eric talks a lot about how the good things in your life are God's doing, and the bad parts are courtesy of the boogey man from H-E-double hockey sticks (we weren't even allowed to say "Hell" when we were kids, unless we were talking about it in context) - and I never thought a lot about that until now. But I think he's right, and I try to keep that in mind....sure I'd like to say I"m Superwoman and it's my own sheer will that keeps me from eating an entire Motherlode chocolate cake in one sitting (60 bucks, and I would so barf after maybe one-eighth), but I know better. I am NOT doing this alone.

I asked Handsome Stranger why he thought that this attempt has been so much more successful than any other, and he didn't know - but he does give me major credit in HIS success this time around....and I do the same for him. I listen to women in meetings talk about their spouses who say "WW won't work for me", and who buy naughty foods and leave them in plain view to taunt and mock their beloved, and who have so many reasons to WANT to do it (besides the obvious.... a body that should be outlawed from even THINKING about a Speedo....they are also in terrible health), and I am SO thankful for Handsome Stranger's love and support, and how SMOKIN' hot he looks in his overalls now. I also give huge credit to the co-workers who I started this with - they and my fb peeps are a polarizing force in reducing my equator...I would make them all cookies, but already know that that is a dangerous pitfall, complete with tigers, poisonous snakes and pointy sticks at the bottom. Geez, YOU never think that when you eat a chocolate chip cookie, do you?

My point is, that when it comes to the question of "How do I do it?", I think my focus is less on the massive amounts of vegetables I eat and that I've eaten less butter since October than I probably ate in a week prior and that I had to file for divorce from Mayonnaise because that bitch kept washing my clothes in hot water and shrinking them, and more on the things that keep me going in a downhill direction. They are many....things that I have discovered make me want to keep doing this, and that share equally in my success:

1. Climbing a flight of stairs without sounding like the chick in "Blair Witch Project"
2. Making it through a day w/o foot pain OR uggo orthopedic shoes
3. Not having to pry "tiny" chairs at work meetings off my arse when I stand
4. Full body hugs from Handsome Stranger (NOT that kind you pervs)
5. Less acreage to cover when shaving my legs & wearing clothes that show them
6. Having people tell me that I motivate THEM

There are many others, but they all play a part - I also feel like me, but with a better attitude and outlook....I didn't realize that as I was plodding through life, I was looking down and in, not up and out, and am amazed and thrilled with how people respond to that difference. I don't think people avoided me because of my weight, but because I had a pretty defensive demeanor - who wants to engage a cranky bear who appears headed towards her first bathroom break since winter? And yes, I probably looked just like that, hairy legs, snarly face and all. Sorry to put y'all through that, and thanks to those who were brave enough to "bear" it....hahaha, I am such a dork.

I am so close to my next goal I can taste it, and thought it fitting that when it arrived I could share it with my own personal cheerleaders - and you KNOW how I feel about cheerleaders in general - duct tape, a well-used sweat sock and a nearby goal post are too good for the overly perky. And even tho I know you miss the Big-O cupcakes, Mexican Wedding cakes, Strawberry-rhubarb pie, and even the burgers and fries at Amy's because I always bring my lunch or want to eat somewhere with healthier options, I think you would miss me more...right? RIGHT?? You are instrumental in this change, and I thank you...just not with baked goods. And be warned....I still have a LONG way to go - but every day I find another reason why it's totally worth it, so until that stops, I will keep going, and going, and going.....dang it, now I HAVE to GO!

OK, back again. I thought I would post something fitting, so here is a recipe from my vast store of WW adapted ones in my etools. Points plus value included. And it's not crappy either, so wipe that look off your face and try it, dammit! Actually, most people shouldn't need a recipe for this, but so many ask I'm starting to wonder....this is our number one breakfast choice, and is delicious AND filling - and only 3 points plus! Because I haven't had a real one for so long, I am convinced it's a milkshake....

Breakfast Smoothie

Yogurt is something I think most people should rethink. Mindlessly grabbing a carton off the shelf can result in a punch of fat, sugar and not much else....some yogurts are made with gelatin to thicken them, and may not even have live cultures. And those are our friends, ladies - they help to keep your flora/fauna in a state of happiness, and any woman can tell you that cranky flora/fauna result in major bitchiness. I"m not a fan of fat free, and actually use full fat Nancy's Honey Yogurt because I think it has a better mouth feel overall...but if YOU can't tell, use fat free, less calories is always good.

3/4 C. PLAIN yogurt
1 banana
1 to 1.25 C. frozen fruit, whatever you like
1 or 2 packets stevia sweetener - no points and not artificial is good

Put yogurt and banana in blender, process until smooth. Add frozen fruit (break it up, silly...don't try to put in a solid chunk unless you like to clean smoothie off the ceiling) and PUT THE LID ON and process until it stops sounding like you put concrete chunks in there. Add sweetener to taste, give it another whirl and enjoy! Shoot, if you can find long enough straws, you can drink it right out of the blender and avoid getting a glass also coated with what appears to adhere to containers like super glue...rinse everything ASAP so you don't have to scrub!

We buy blueberries, strawberries, and mixed frozen fruit - they have stuff with peaches, melon, pineapple, mango, berries, even grapes and it's all good...I think my fave combo is blueberry peach. Or maybe it's blue/straw/raspberry? Dunno....never had a bad one! Oh, and if you use the etools tracker, it will add extra points for using multiple fruits - I finally made it a recipe and only put one fruit and added it to my favorites to make it work...when they say "FRUIT IS FREE", I take that very seriously and will not fall for that crap. It's not like I just cleaned out an orchard, for cryin' out loud....


  1. You are doing awesome, so proud of you. Fantastic post. :)

  2. "I had to file for divorce from Mayonnaise because that bitch kept washing my clothes in hot water and shrinking them". - Best quote of the century. :)

    Also, I love those smoothies! I use Dannon LIght and Fit vanilla yogurt in mine and I add some real fruit juice (I like the tanginess of 100% grapefruit juice). YUMMY. And I am so glad you told my mom to get stevia "sugar" because she then told me I should get stevia "sugar" and I did... And I love it. Me and Truvia are now dating. :)

    Amazing post. Inspiring as ALWAYS.

    Love you auntie!